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Gilders Paste®

Gilders Paste provides a unique and forgiving way to produce new finishes or revive an existing project. It's easy to add highlights and color to a variety of crafting materials, including metal, wood, ceramics, wax, resin, clay, and more! Dries to the touch in 10-15 minutes and fully dries in 12 hours to a durable hard was finish with no residue. Apply with your finger, brush, sponge, or whatever object you choose. Perfect to pair with a filigree component or metal stamping project, the possibilities are endless! Shop our colors today!

1.5 oz. Gold Gilders Paste
1.5 oz. Gold Gilders Paste
Code: A013843
Price: $9.99
Sold individually.
As low as $8.19 per item.
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1.5 oz. gold Gilders Paste. A wax based medium used to highlight and add color to a variety of materials - a new way to decorate jewelry and crafts! Perfect for use with filigree components, metal stamping designs, clay, resin, metal, wood, ceramics, and more. Simply apply directly to the surface with your finger, soft cloth, toothbrush, sponge, brush, or any item you choose. Dries to the touch in 10-15 minutes and completely dries in 12 hours. If you make a mistake, simply wipe off the paste within a few minutes of applying or use an ordinary eraser within 5 minutes of application. Add paint thinner to extend coverage or to rejuvenate if dried out. Long shelf life. Sold individually (1-1.5 oz. tin)

Add paint thinner to transform Gilders Paste into a cream, paint, stain, or wash. You are in control of how thick or thin the paste becomes. If dried out, add a few drops of paint thinner to rejuvenate. Lasts for years!