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Macrame Jewelry

Learn a few simple knots and discover the thrill of creating one-of-a-kind jewelry. Once you see how fast and easy it is, you'll be making colorful accessories for all your favorite outfits, as well as gifts to please your friends. 20 projects featuring braiding cord and satin rat tail cord include Pendant Necklace, Cross Necklace, Nugget Necklace, Pearl and Rhinestone Choker, Silver Medallion Bracelet, Buckle Bracelet, Charm Bracelet, Josephine Knot Bracelet, Green Bling Bracelet, Beaded Cuff, Ribbon Bracelet, Disco Ball Bead Bracelet, Center Stone Bracelet, Ladder Bracelet, Blue Bead Bracelet, Black Bling Bead Earrings, Pink and Pearl Earrings, Blue Earrings, Bead Cage Earrings, and Tri-color Bead Earrings. Softcover, 32 pages. Sold individually.
Macrame Jewelry
Code: BK00041
Price: $9.99
Sold individually.

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